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Compressors and Pumps

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Compressors and pumps are essential components on building sites, powering tools, accelerating specialist equipment or carrying out specialist tasks like draining liquid in the early stages of a construction project. Here at Gleneden Plant Sales, we offer new and used equipment for businesses and tradespeople, so our expert team can help find the right equipment, regardless of your needs. Our knowledge of compressors and pumps is second to none, but we’ve outlined just a few of the rewards you can reap from investing in our quality used stock.


Compressors have almost become a staple of every building site regardless of size. They provide a means of driving efficiency and productivity, using air to generate a large volume output that is more than adequate to power a number of on-site power tools, such as:

  • Nail guns
  • Jackhammers
  • Sanders
  • Saws
  • Heavy-duty hammers

Compressors can help construction companies save time, money and energy, and our range includes models with very low hours, in various sizes.

Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps are robust, hard wearing, and designed to transport and pump all types of concrete throughout construction sites. They are generally used in situations where access is restricted, such as when a mixer can’t get close enough to pour, or if the ground is uneven, making it difficult for a mixer or a wheelbarrow to access. Concrete pumps are also a great way to speed up the entire process, as there’s no manpower required.

Water pumps

Whether you require centrifugal or positive displacement pumps to move large volumes of water quickly, Gleneden can meet your needs. We have developed our reputation for supplying used dewatering pumps that are compact, versatile, durable, efficient and easy to service, offering exceptional versatility for individual tradespeople and large construction firms.

To find out more about our compressors and pumps, please get in touch with our expert team or pay a visit to our state-of-the-art offices. For international enquiries we’re located near to a number of big transport hubs and airports to make your journey as easy as possible and we can even arrange export and delivery for you.

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