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Almost every construction site across the world must provide suitable and adequate welfare facilities for their workforce. This typically means that there must be a toilet and a washbasin. However on medium to large building sites there are often many additional buildings over and above what’s legally required. At Gleneden Plant Sales, we consider these buildings as ‘Site Accommodation’.

Our team works tirelessly to source and acquire both new and used construction equipment that can meet our clients’ budgets, and site accommodation is no different. We’ve found that increasingly more companies are opting to have additional portable buildings on their construction sites in order to fulfill various purposes.

We’ve outlined a few of the most common types of site accommodation requirements that we’ve seen in recent years;

Site offices

A space for the project management team to meet and discuss progress as well as act as a base for day-to-day management of the site to ensure a seamless timeline.


Often seen as the hub of the construction site, these act as a space for the sites workforce to rest and eat. Dependent on the requirements, canteens can have fully functioning kitchens or just basic hardwearing furnishings.

Shower units

We regularly stock shower units that are combined with toilet facilities. These typically come in different sizes and are always designed with practicality in mind, whilst we generally find these units to provide the basic necessities yet they are very easy to clean.


Often used as a safe place to store important equipment overnight, these units are secure and readily available.

We recognise that every project is different and therefore requires distinctive provisions in terms of accommodation. We always try our best to understand our clients’ situation and needs before advocating any kind of solution. Almost all of the units that we stock at Gleneden is the standard across the construction industry. Seen as the ‘plug and play’ of the construction world, these temporary units typically come with plumbing and electrics already fitted, so when they arrive, the installation is as simple as possible.

A great benefit to the temporary accommodation units is their versatility. The units can connect together in a number of different ways, whilst the fact they are means onsite accommodation can provide a perfect solution for many different purposes. In addition to simple connection, our units almost always include fully adjustable steel legs on every corner, which is great for when space is at a premium. With an external steel staircase.

The staff at Gleneden Plant Sales are experts in site accommodation and would be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you. We specialise in used site accommodation, helping small and large businesses accommodate their workforce at fair prices.

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