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Rail equipment

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At Gleneden Plant Sales, we like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for all equipment and construction machinery. We service individuals and businesses with top of the range used equipment for various purposes, whilst our dedicated team works around the clock to provide our clients with first class machinery that meets their exact requirements, ensuring that they have the right tools for their challenging tasks.

Railway equipment is a niche area of our business and we’re very proud to be able to play a small part in a global operation. We help to deliver the right equipment to the right people across the world in order to keep trains moving. In the UK alone there are over 20,000 miles of track and close to 40,000 bridges and tunnels, all of which have to be fixed and maintained day-in-day-out to be kept reliable and safe for the millions of commuters. With a workforce of over 190,000 people, it’s no easy task. At Gleneden, we offer both new and used equipment to railway construction and maintenance companies, and our rail specific equipment generally falls into one of the following categories:

Rolling stock

In the rail industry, rolling stock is a term used to essentially describe any vehicle or machinery that can be moved on a railway and this plant equipment is typically either powered by an engine or completely unpowered. For us at Gleneden, rolling stock usually consists of machinery and equipment that is used in the maintenance of railways. Some of our rolling stock includes; dockside cranes and road-rail excavators, which are specially adapted, utilising rail wheels alongside their normal wheels to allow the machine to move along the railway effortlessly.


There are many important factors which need to be considered in order to keep rail infrastructure in great shape and the right gear is crucial. We deliver reliable equipment that helps save time, and as a consequence money, stocking a number of important tools to help your team continue delivering world-class work. Just some of the equipment and tools we stock to keep railways safe and reliable include welding shears and rail pullers, clipping machines, tie tampers and flange way cleaners as well as rail drills and much more.

Our stock accommodates the needs of our clients and we always have a steady stream of different options to ensure we have the power supply required to meet your needs, be that hydraulic, petrol or diesel. Whatever the purpose of your visit to Gleneden and whether you’re looking to buy new or used machinery, we’ll use our expertise and knowledge to help find the best solution for your job.

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