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Cranes & Sidebooms

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At Gleneden, we remain up to speed with new developments in the construction sector and we have an-depth knowledge on cranes and sidebooms. Whether you’re looking for a versatile machine that can handle the heaviest lifts or need a simple solution to improve performance and efficiency, we have a steady supply of quality models from leading manufacturers.

We’re highly regarded for supplying market-leading cranes that feature flawless functionality, but it’s certainly true that the latest generation of machines is more adaptive to the environment and the individual operating it. We’ve noticed that in recent years, through constant upgrade, the efficiency, durability and working performance of cranes and sidebooms has been greatly improved, but no matter the age of the machine you invest in, you’re always guaranteed excellent lifting capacity, outstanding engine performance, fuel efficiency and long-term durability.

Quality cranes and sidebooms for construction specialists

At Gleneden, we specialise in used machinery and associated equipment, whilst we are completely independent, with a wealth of specialist knowledge in the lifting industry. We know just how important it is to find the balance between excellent lifting performance and safe and reliable lifting, and our friendly team is more than happy to provide expert, honest advice on the crane that’s right for your individual lifting needs and workflow. From tower cranes to crawler cranes, construction hoists and sidebooms, we can describe in detail the benefits and functions of our current stock.

Whether you’re looking to lift large and heavy duty material or need a sideboom that’s designed for long life and serviceability, we can help you raise the standard of your crane fleet, improving the performance throughout your company. Due to the fact we only specialise in quality used plant machinery, we are able to help companies of all sizes keep owning and operating costs low, whilst we can provide an efficient, secure and reliable export service to ensure your access equipment arrives safe and sound.

At Gleneden, we’re incredibly proud to offer our clients across all industries used plant and construction equipment that’s second to none. We’ve developed strong relationships with leading construction companies, meeting their stringent needs by supplying cranes and sidebooms from leading brands like Komatsu. Caterpillar and Hitachi. You can view our current stock below, but should you have something more particular in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team as the perfect crane for your needs may have just come into stock.

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