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Tractors / Groundcare equipment

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In the event you’re looking to drive efficiency, improve performance or reduce running costs for your construction or agricultural business, our tractors and rollers can deliver the strength, power and versatility required to increase productivity and minimise labour costs. From helping you haul, bale, plough, our cutting edge tractors complete heavy work with ease, reducing moisture loss from cultivated soil and making harvesting a whole lot easier.

High performance hydraulic and drive rollers

Gleneden is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of rollers in the UK, with a steady supply of quality machines to meet a multitude of budgets. We’re experienced in providing rollers in every for every type of operation, from leading brands such as Bomag, Terex, Dynapac, JCB, Rammax and Sta.

Comfort is often key to staying productive, and that’s why our rollers combine ergonomic design with comfortable driving, convenient operation, superior performance, superb safety and easy maintenance. Many of the rollers you’re likely to find on our website are ideally suited for road construction such as compaction of asphalt pavement, foundation layer, sub-base layer and filling works.

Quality used tractors at the most competitive prices

Tractors have been a staple of the British countryside since the latter years of the nineteenth century, but over time they’ve become more advanced and versatile, playing a pivotal role in reducing the time of production for farmers. Since ‘time is money’, tractors complete complex tasks quickly and efficiently, especially when you have the right attachments, such as harrows, ploughs, seed spreaders and drills. We supply quality products from leading brands as well as some less known manufacturers, but if you’re unable to find a tractor that’s right for your agricultural needs, our friendly team is just a phone call or email away.

Due to the fact our stock changes rapidly, it’s always worth checking in with our team to see what we currently have available.

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