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Forklifts & Telescopic handlers

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Our ultra-tough forklifts and telescopic handlers pack a punch, delivering speed, efficiency, safety and productivity. Don’t let the tough exterior fool you; these heavy-duty machines have hidden depths, offering exceptional maneuverability in tricky environments. If you’re looking to lift heavy-duty materials in tough situations, Gleneden’s forklifts combine rigidity with superb strength and reliability, yet your talented team of workers can also enjoy ease of transport.

Underneath the robust shells, you are likely to find all manner of advanced features for a more intuitive drive, exceptional economy and low emissions. We’re focused on supplying quality plant and construction machinery with high-end specifications, giving you outstanding power and reliability, with fast attachment exchanges as well as optimum visibility, comfort and safety.

Performance packed with power and versatility

Our forklifts and telescopic handlers can bring any workforce greater performance and longer service intervals, whilst these cutting edge machines can also enhance competitive edge. Suited to a wide range of unit loads and designed to withstand the rigors of construction work, the used forklifts and telescopic handlers we supply are among the toughest workhorses in the material-handling world. Our telescopic handlers in particular offer the perfect blend of stability and efficiency, and many of the machines we supply have compact frames, versatile operation, automatic adjustment and high carrying capacities.

Why consider investing in a forklift from Gleneden?

Below are just a few of the features many of our customers acquire when they invest in a quality forklift for the very first time:

  • Smooth, quiet, precisely controlled performance
  • Clear all-round views
  • Extra space in the cab
  • Easy-to-reach and simple-to-use controls
  • Outstanding rigidity
  • Fully sealed wet multi-disc brakes in the wheel heads to protect against environmental changes.

Although forklifts are recognised as a highly durable piece of machinery, they manoeuvre small and large loads in small spaces, eliminating the need for manpower, and can move loads from low to high, saving businesses valuable time.

Is a Telescopic Handler better suited for your needs?

Due to the fact they can reach greater heights, telehandlers are well known for being more versatile than forklifts, whilst they can work well on rough terrain. They combine many of the features forklifts, such as good balance and higher load capacity whilst they’re larger in size, so if you’re unsure on the right machine for your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team today.

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